International Literacy Day 2017

Literacy rates continue to rise from one generation to the next. Yet according to new data from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, there are still 750 million illiterate adults, two-thirds of whom are women. These numbers are a stark reminder of the work ahead to meet Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 4 and 5 and the Education 2030 targets.

Capacity Development Tools

The UIS offers a wide range of resources and tools to help countries strengthen the collection, quality and use of their data to monitor progress and achieve the SDG 4-Education 2030 goals. 

Metadata for the Global and Thematic Indicators for the Follow-Up and Review of SDG 4 and Education 2030

Mapping potential data sources to monitor SDG 4

Employment and Procurement

All employment opportunities currently available with the UIS are listed below. This includes positions in the field and at the Institute’s Headquarters in Montreal.

Additional employment possibilities with UNESCO are posted on the UNESCO Office of Human Resource Management website. To apply for a post at the UIS or UNESCO, all candidates must complete a UNESCO application form, which is available as a writable PDF.

Moving Up a Gear: The CapED Initiative

In 2015, the international community agreed on Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4), which now forms the universal education agenda to 2030. Many countries still have a far way to go to reach these targets, and to do this, they will need external support to overhaul their education systems. There are two dimensions at stake to achieve SDG 4: identification of policy priorities and the associated data availability and quality to monitor progress.

Learning Progression Explorer: Tell Us What You Think

The push for globally-comparable measures of learning is truly underway, with work well advanced through the Global Alliance to Monitor Learning (GAML) to develop common metrics to benchmark student performance in reading and mathematics. The development of common metrics is fundamental to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4): ensure inclusive and quality education for all by 2030.

Moving Up a Gear: The CapED Initiative

The pursuit of the data needed to achieve the world’s education goals is moving up a gear, thanks to the effort of UNESCO’s Education Sector and the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) in implementing a Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) pilot initiative in ten countries as part of the UNESCO Capacity Development for Education (CapED) Program. Being piloted in 10 countries, this ambitious and innovative initiative aims to help bridge the gap between national education policies and data collection and use.

A Pragmatic and Unified Approach to Measure Learning Globally

By Silvia Montoya, Director of the UNESCO Institute for Statistics

This blog was also published by the Global Partnership for Education (GPE). 

Last month saw a major leap forward on the global reporting of learning outcomes – on which children are learning, which children are not learning, and why.