Helping Countries Improve their Data on Out-of-School Children

The UIS has released three information papers to help governments produce, interpret and use accurate indicators on out-of-school children. By exploring specific methodological issues, the papers highlight the need to harmonize data sources while helping national statisticians understand why indicator values can vary depending on the data source, collection method, or technique used to calculate indicators.

Capacity Development

The UIS works with about 200 countries and territories to produce the most comprehensive and trusted global education database. The quality of these indicators depends on the data provided by line ministries (especially education ministries) and national statistical offices.

Countries, Experts and Agencies Meet to Measure Progress Towards Education 2030

Given the time it can take to mobilize around development goals and establish effective monitoring systems to track progress, the 2030 deadline for the achievement of the global goal on education is just around the corner. Nevertheless, there are times when it is wise to pause for a moment and take stock.