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From Teacher Training to Recruitment: Data to Improve the Quality of Education
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Data and Tools to Track Funding
Tracking Enrolment, Fields of Study and Destinations of Students Globally
Shedding Light on the Skills and Potential of Adults and Societies at Large
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Measuring the World’s Most Lucrative Cultural Industry
Tracking Trade Flows in the Digital Age
Tracking Access to and Use of ICT in Classrooms

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Following the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) is working closely with Member States and partners to develop new indicators, statistical...
More than any other region, sub-Saharan Africa is facing an uphill challenge in efforts to get all children and youth in school and learning by 2030. High quality regional and county level data will...
As part of UNESCO’s Capacity Development for Education (CapED) Programme, the UIS is launching a  new effort to help bridge the gap between national education policies, data collection and use. In...
To mark International Women’s Day 2017 (March 8), the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) is launching a new edition of the eAtlas of Gender Inequality in Education to show where girls and women...

Data for Sustainable Development - UIS Blog

For the past year, we have been pushing for more and better data to help ensure that no-one is left behind – a key objective of the new Global Action Plan for Sustainable Development Data launched in...
A recent blog in this series dubbed the world’s line ministries and National Statistical Offices (NSOs) “the unsung heroes of the push for sustainable development”. In Madagascar, we are fully...
On International Women’s Day, social media channels light up with a flurry of messages and infographics about gender equality. While we welcome this spotlight on data, we also need to look beyond the...

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