Percentage of teachers who received in-service training in the last 12 months by type of training


Percentage of teachers by level of education taught (pre-primary, primary, lower secondary and upper secondary education) who, during the last academic year, have received in-service training required for teaching at the relevant level in a given country, by type of training received.

Data source

Surveys of head teachers or administrative data from schools, other organized learning centres and national teacher training centres.

Source definition

UNESCO Institute for Statistics

Calculation method

The number of teachers in a given level of education who received in-service training in the last year of a given type is expressed as a percentage of all teachers at that level of education.

Data required

Number of teachers at each level of education who received in-service training of each type in the last year and the total number of teachers in each level of education.


A high value indicates that teachers are receiving additional training during their working careers in the given area of training thus enhancing their ability to teach.


For ease of reporting, ‘the last academic year’ has been used as a proxy for ‘the last 12 months’. While calculating this indicator, care should be exercised to include all teachers at a given level of education who received in-service training as part of their teaching responsibilities during the last academic year. Double counting of teachers who teach more than one level of education should be avoided.


In-service teacher training programmes usually aim to improve the quality of classroom instruction. Besides pre-service qualification and training requirements, teachers should receive from time to time relevant in-service training for the level of education they teach in order to enhance their teaching proficiency. This indicator measures the share of the teaching work force which received in-service training during the last academic year.

Types of disaggregation

By sex, level of education, and type of training.