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Around the world, culture is acknowledged as the cornerstone of identity, providing a sense of belonging and the social and economic cohesion of communities. It is also the foundation of sustainable...
The transition to digital methods of creating, producing and disseminating cultural works has radically changed the conditions surrounding their statistical measurement, calling into question the...

Methodology Documents

Presents the results of the Serbia case study that tested the methodology for measuring the economic contribution of cultural industries proposed by UNESCO.


Presents theories, concepts and practices are used in and inform the effective measuring of festivals across the globe.


Instruction manual for completing the questionnaire on cultural employment statistics.


Describes the general characteristics of the sources of employment statistics globally, and how this information contributes to the design of the UIS Survey of Cultural Employment.


Presents an internationally standardized approach to measure cultural participation.


UIS Questionnaires

The UIS annual education data collection includes:

  • UIS education survey: the Institute collects education data annually from 165 countries through three data collection instruments (posted below);
  • UIS, OECD and Eurostat (UOE) data collection: 46 countries participate in this annual data collection, which is guided jointly by the UIS, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat).

The UIS also collects data on literacy and educational attainment from more than 200 countries and territories. Countries report data based on censuses and national and international household surveys. The UIS supplements literacy and educational attainment data provided by countries by calculating indicators based on information obtained from the United Nations Statistical Division, international surveys like the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) conducted by UNICEF and from national surveys on the active population conducted by the OECD.

The UIS conducts an annual survey on R&D and a biennial survey on innovation involving about 150 countries. To complement these surveys, data are also collected from the following partners: RICYTOECDEurostat and ASTII.

In the field of culture, the UIS conducts two global surveys on cultural employment (conducted annually) and feature films and cinema (conducted every two years).

*Do you provide the UIS with data? Proceed directly to the Questionnaire Website to download the electronic questionnaires and related documents and send us your data! Please note that only designated national authorities should submit data to the UIS.

Feature film statistics survey.


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