Computers for pedagogical use


Computers used by pupils and teachers to support course delivery or independent teaching and learning needs. This may include:
• Activities using computers or the Internet during a lesson in the regular classroom, computer lab or other locations for any type of teaching or learning activity, to meet information needs for research purposes, develop presentations, perform hands-on exercises and experiments, share information, and participate in online discussion forums for educational purposes;
• Use of school computers or the Internet for distance or blended learning activities;
• Use of computers or the Internet for communication or coordination purposes among teachers and students;
• Use of computers or the Internet to prepare teaching materials for the lesson such as presentations, tests, quizzes or other resources.

Data source

Statistical unit of the Ministry of Education or, alternatively, national statistical office.

Source definition

User manual for the implementation of the new UIS Survey on Statistics of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Education.