Public expenditure on heritage (Percentage)


Share of funding from government (central, regional, local) in the preservation, protection and conservation of cultural and/or natural heritage expressed as a percentage of total (public, private) expenditure on heritage for a given year.

Data source

At national level, ministries of finance, and/or ministries of culture, environment financial management systems are the source of government expenditure on culture. Data on expenditure by lower levels of government can be centralized or collected directly from local authorities.

Source definition

UNESCO Institute for statistics

Calculation method

The indicator is calculated by dividing total public funding in heritage (i.e. including transfers paid but excluding transfers received) from government (central, regional, local) by total heritage expenditure of a country in a given year and multiply the results by 100.

Data required

Central, regional and local government expenditure data by type of heritage (cultural and natural) for a given year.


A higher value would indicate a greater priority to protect cultural and natural heritage given by public authorities.


This indicator comprises only public investments in heritage. It does not measure non-monetary factors such as national regulations or national/local policies for the preservation, protection and conservation of national cultural and/or natural heritage. These policies could take the form of fiscal incentives such as tax benefits for donations or sponsorship.


This indicator measures the share of public expenditure dedicated to the preservation, protection and conservation of cultural and/or natural heritage compared to total expenditure (public and private) over time. To monitor change over time of governmental efforts for the protection and safeguard of cultural and/or natural heritage compared to private expenditure.

Types of disaggregation

By type of heritage (cultural, natural)
By type of level of government (national, regional and local/municipal)
By geographical area (rural, urban)