Share of exports of cultural goods in all goods


The value of exported cultural goods expressed as percentage of the value of all exported goods

Data source

National Customs and Revenue entities or border protection institutions.

Source definition

UNESCO Institute for Statistics

Calculation method

Divide the total value of exported cultural goods by the total value of all exported goods and multiply the results by 100

Data required

Customs statistics classified according to the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding Systems or national equivalent coded at least 6-digit level.


An higher value would indicate an increased degree of openness of the economy of a country towards cultural goods and an increased weight in the exports of this country.


The actual market value of cultural goods is often considered far more important than the declared value at customs. Does not take into account informal cultural trade.


This indicator aims to assess the degree to which goods as expressions of culture are exported reflecting both the economic demand, the international profile of the country's cultural goods, and the regulatory environment to enable this.

Types of disaggregation

By type of cultural domains. Cultural domains are cultural and natural heritage, performance and celebration, visual arts and crafts, books and press, audio-visual and interactive media, design and creative services, education and training, and intangible cultural heritage.