Government expenditure per student in constant PPP $


Average total (current, capital and transfers) general government expenditure per student in the given level of education, expressed in purchasing power parity (PPP) dollars at constant prices. The constant prices base year is normally three years before the year of the data release. For example, in the May 2014 data release, constant PPP$ values are expressed in 2011 prices.

Data source

Data on education expenditure and on the number of students by level is received by country governments responding to UIS's annual survey on formal education. The data used to fill the questionnaire on education expenditure may come from annual financial reports by the Ministry of Finance and/or the Ministry of Education, and/or national accounts reports by the National Statistical Office. The conversion factor between PPP$ and the local currency comes from the World Bank.

Source definition

UNESCO Institute for Statistics

Calculation method

Divide total government expenditure (in constant PPP$) for a given level of education (ex. primary, secondary) by total enrolment in that same level.


To show how much a government is spending on average on one student at a given level of education.

Types of disaggregation

By level of education.