Distribution of enrolment in secondary education by orientation of education programme


Percentage distribution of students enrolled in secondary education, according to the orientation of the education programme, i.e. general and technical/vocational programmes, including teacher training.

Data source

Census, surveys or records of secondary educational institutions and programmes.

Source definition

UNESCO Institute for Statistics.

Calculation method

Divide the number of students enrolled in each type of secondary education programme (classified by orientation) by total enrolment in secondary education, and multiply the result by 100.

Data required

Enrolment in secondary education by orientation of education programme.


The relative concentration of students in a particular orientation of education depicts on the one hand high preference and capacity, on the other hand may reflect job opportunities as well as relative earnings across different occupations and industries.


Cross-country comparability of this indicator can be affected by different ways in which national secondary education systems are organized according to different orientations (e.g. general, technical/vocational, etc.).


To reflect the orientation and capacity of secondary education programmes as well as the potential supply of skilled workers in different specializations.

Quality standards

This indicator requires complete and reliable data on enrolment by orientation of secondary education and clear distinction between different orientations of education. The percentage in all orientations of education must sum up to 100.

Types of disaggregation

By sex and by school type (private/public).