The UIS has launched its 2022 Survey of Formal Education for the reference year ending in 2021 to ensure the timely collection of data for the monitoring of SDG4. The questionnaires and the related materials are available on the UIS website at:

As the custodian agency for SDG 4 data, the UIS collects education data and develops indicators to enable Member States to meet national commitments to the Agenda 2030 Framework. To reduce the reporting burden on Member States, only the essential data points needed to produce core indicators are collected in the survey.
To help Member States, the UIS will organize regional in the coming months regional webinars to provide training and assistance to complete the new questionnaires. 

In September 2022, the UIS will be releasing data and indicators from the survey through the Institute’s Data Centre and visualisation tools. The UIS also provides data for many global indices, reports and databases.

To access the available resources on the development of SDG 4 indicators and the related international cooperation, please visit the website dedicated to the Technical Cooperation Group (TCG) to find the Methodological Toolkit.