Key results of the 1st iteration of the UNESCO-UNICEF-World Bank jointly conducted survey to monitor national education responses to COVID-19 school closures.

As part of the coordinated global education response to the COVID-19 pandemic, UNESCO, UNICEF and the World Bank jointly launched the Survey on National Education Responses to COVID-19 School Closures. The survey sought to collect information from Member States on the country-wide scope of national education responses to the mass school closures from pre-primary to upper secondary levels. Responses to the survey will help better guide local/national policy responses to mitigate the impact of school closures and help prepare for the reopening of schools. The results will also help inform the actions of the partners mobilized through the UNESCO Global COVID-19 Education Coalition to begin recouperating learning losses due to COVID-19 school closures.

The survey will be run on a regular basis to ensure that the latest impact and responses are captured:

  • first wave of data collection started in May and lasted until mid-June 2020.
  • second wave of data collection started in July and closes in September 2020.

Key results of the 1st round of the survey can be found here.