The UIS is the only statistical agency to provide a global perspective on the world’s most lucrative cultural industry and one of the most popular cultural practices – movie-watching. Demand for data has never been greater as digital technology transforms the ways in which films are produced, distributed and consumed by audiences in theatres and homes.  

The Institute conducts a biennial survey on feature film and cinema statistics to monitor global trends in selected areas of this industry. This is the only international survey to include countries in all regions and at all stages of development – from Hollywood to Bollywood and Nollywood. It uses comparable definitions to collect data on a range of issues, including the Top 10 films viewed per country; linguistic diversity in film production; admissions; national versus international co-productions per country; and distribution mechanisms.

The survey provides a unique perspective on how different countries and regions are transforming traditional approaches to the art and industry of film-making. The data can be used to track trends in consumption, for example, by looking at the origins of films viewed versus the most popular films, based on attendance. The data also reflect issues related to cinema infrastructure and access, as reflected by the numbers of indoor cinemas and average ticket prices per capita.  

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