The 2020 Survey of Formal Education covers key data for the school year ending in 2019 required for the monitoring of international and national education goals.

Following the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) is working closely with Member States and partners to develop new indicators, statistical approaches and monitoring tools to better assess progress towards the SDG 4 education targets while making every effort to minimize the reporting burden on countries.

The deadline for submitting data is 21 February 2020. Country-level data and regional results for 2019 will be published in September 2020 in the UIS global education database and available through the UIS API Portal.

A timely response to this survey is essential to produce high-quality, cross-nationally comparable data and indicators, which are used to monitor and report on international development goals related to education, including the Sustainable Development Goal on education (SDG 4). These statistics are used widely by countries, international and regional organizations, the media, academics and students.

To access the UIS questionnaires that your country has been requested to complete, select your country name and download the relevant questionnaire.