Looking for data on Sustainable Development Goal 4 and equity in education? Go straight to the source with the UNESCO Institute for Statistics.

We offer several tools and platforms to make it easier for users to find the latest available global and thematic indicators for SDG 4:

UIS.Stat – Newly added groups of indicators under the headings “SDG 4” and “Equity” give easy access to customizable tables with national, regional and global time series data that can be downloaded for further analysis.

SDG 4 Data Microsite – Presents global and thematic indicators, country profiles as well as a range of related data on learning outcomes and metadata.

SDG 4 eAtlas – Explore the data using interactive maps and charts, which can be easily shared and downloaded.

Contextualizing the data

We aim to meet the needs of every type of data user – from the statistical expert looking to build customized tables to the more policy-oriented reader looking for articles and publications to contextualize the data.

In particular, the UIS has just launched a new Equity in Education web page, which presents a selection of news, publications and interactive tables and charts for selected indicators disaggregated by sex, location, and wealth quintile.

This web page also features a new interactive data visualization on inequalities in the distribution of teachers in 10 Asian countries. It includes sub-national data on the pupil-teacher ratio, trained and qualified teachers, and teacher attrition and recruitment. Charts and maps highlight disparities between different provinces and between urban and rural areas and demonstrate that students and teachers in rural areas are often disadvantaged.

Stay tuned! Upcoming data release

The UIS will be issuing a major release of new national, regional and global education data in February 2018.