The UIS has launched a pilot survey on heritage statistics to collect information on Sustainable Development Goal 11 (SDG 11), Target 11.4.1, which measures how much countries spend on the preservation, protection and conservation of all cultural and natural heritage. The aim is to test the proposed data collection instrument and gain more country-level information. Representing all regions of the world, 14 countries are participating in the pilot survey exercise.


As part of its developmental work in heritage statistics, the UIS also launched the SDG 11.4 Metadata Survey on Cultural and Natural Heritage Statistics in September 2017. This survey seeks to collect information on the availability of heritage data needed in countries to produce SDG Indicator 11.4.1 and on the availability of other cultural and natural data.

The results of the metadata survey will feed into the UIS capacity-building programme for heritage statistics, helping to identify priority areas and countries needing assistance. 

Results from both the pilot survey and metadata survey will be used to develop the final UIS SDG 11.4 Survey of Heritage Statistics.

Additional information on UIS heritage statistics can be found at the following links:,_culture_and_religion