In collaboration with the Government of Japan, the UIS is convening an expert group to discuss the development of international standards to compile Culture Satellite Accounts. With input from the Technical Advisory Group on Culture Satellite Accounts (TAG CSA), the UIS will prepare the first draft recommendations that will be subject to a global consultation in 2019.

The Institute, in partnership with the UN Statistics Division, has been mandated to develop the methodology to measure the economic contribution of culture, which can be collected through Culture Satellite Accounts. An agreed-upon framework would enable the role of culture in the economy to be compared globally.

During this meeting, technical experts will review methodological issues, learn about experiences in Japan and identify the next steps of the project.

Hosted by the Government of Japan (sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, supported by the Japan Tourism Agency Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan) and other generous sponsors, the meeting will take place in Tokyo from 31 October to 2 November 2018. Other sponsors of the meeting include: Tokyu Corporation, APAMAN, Gurunavi Inc., Japan Tourism Association for Shrines and Temples and Culture Tourism Research Co. Ltd.