The UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) launched the third annual Survey on expenditure on cultural and natural heritage on 22 August 2022 for SDG Indicator 11.4.1.

This year, survey respondents received a link to the online questionnaire using a new interface to enhance the user experience and to make it easier for countries to respond with sufficient and appropriate information. The survey is available in English, French and Spanish. The response deadline is 31 October 2022.

Last year, 45 countries completed the survey offered through the UIS portal – up from 31 countries in 2020 – following capacity building webinars planned and delivered by the UIS. An additional round of webinars will be offered in September and October 2022.

The results of the 2021 survey are available in the report, Shaping investments to safeguard cultural and natural heritage across the world, which highlights public versus private expenditure on culture and natural heritage, by region. The report also points out the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on public spending in this sector. For the first time, the UIS also produced a reader’s guide with background information on the production and dissemination of data for SDG Indicator 11.4.1, to help users understand and interpret these statistics.

The UIS is the official producer of expenditure data for culture and natural heritage for SDG Indicator 11.4.1 which is defined as total expenditure per capita spent on the preservation, protection, and conservation of all cultural and natural heritage, by source of funding (public, private), type of heritage (cultural, natural) and level of government (national, regional and local/municipal).

Data on public and private spending on culture and heritage enable governments and private investors to make informed decisions regarding the preservation and maintenance of national treasures, so that people can enjoy these resources for generations to come.

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