The UIS is launching its annual 2021 Survey of Formal Education for the reference year ending in 2020 to ensure the timely collection of data for SDG 4. The questionnaires and related materials are available on the UIS website at:

As the custodian agency for SDG 4 data, the UIS collects education data and develops indictors to enable Member States to meet national commitments to the Agenda 2030 Framework.

The UIS recognizes the significant reporting burden this imposes, particularly in light of the additional strains created by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a part of its commitment to streamline reporting requirements, while still collecting the data needed to meet SDG 4 commitments, this year’s Survey of Formal Education will collect only essential data points based on its new suite of UIS Core SDG Indicators. This core group includes 13 Global indicators and 31 Thematic indicators, along with others required for national monitoring.

To help Member States, the UIS will organize regional webinars to provide training and assistance to complete the new questionnaires. During these meetings, Member States will have an opportunity to discuss collecting and reporting challenges and look for ways that the UIS could offer support.