ICT support services


Range of services implemented by educational institutions in order to ensure permanence and performance of facilities for operating ICT-assisted instruction without discontinuity. The implementation of such services may imply operational or administrative measures to support the sustainability of ICT-assisted operations by assigning a designated unit or staff member to the task or granting renewable quarterly, bi-quarterly or yearly contract(s) to private service provider(s). Key objectives behind the use of ICT support services by schools may include:
• ascertaining that every pedagogic and administrative unit, including special needs and library units, identifies its requirements for ICT provision;
• coordinating the effective use of ICT across the whole curriculum and encouraging aspects of cross-curricular planning;
• helping pedagogic and administrative units to consider how ICT can support the teaching and learning of subjects other than computing and what those subjects can contribute to the teaching and learning of ICT skills;
• monitoring on behalf of the senior leadership team how equipment and software are accommodated, acquired, maintained and replaced, and how they are stored, accessed and used by learners and staff;
• ensuring that sensible, transparent decisions are made where there are competing demands for resources and that the school improvement plan includes plans for encouraging and supporting the professional development of all staff in the use of ICT in their subjects, in line with school policy and practices; and
• managing the school's ICT technician and network manager, etc. From a statistical perspective, irrespective of the modalities for acquiring such services either through one or multiple means, the sole existence of such regular or renewable contracted services in an educational institution implies the presence of ICT support services.

Data source

Statistical unit of the Ministry of Education or, alternatively, national statistical office.

Source definition

Guide to Measuring Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Education.