Publications in focus at CIES 2018, Mexico City, 25-29 March 2018

The UIS will be organizing a series of presentations at the conference and will also be hosting a publication stand in the main hall. 

Handbook on Measurement of Equity in Education

SDG 4 Data Digest 2017, the UIS flagship publication, presents a framework and strategy to improve national data quality needed to monitor SDG 4.

UIS Fact Sheet No. 48 - One in Five Children, Adolescents and Youth is Out of School

UIS Information Paper No. 49 - Education and Disability: Analysis of Data from 49 Countries

UIS Fact Sheet No. 46 - More than One-Half of Children and Adolescents are not Learning Worldwide

UIS Information Paper No. 46 - Mind the Gap: Proposal for a Standardised Measure for SDG 4-Education 2030 Agenda

UIS Information Paper No. 47 - Counting the Number of Children Not Learning: Methodology for a Global Composite Indicator for Education

UIS Information Paper No. 48 - Exploring Commonalities and Differences in Regional and International Assessments

Key initiatives

  • Technical Cooperation Group (TCG) on the Indicators for SDG 4-Education 2030
    Hosted by the UIS, the group serves as a platform to discuss and develop the indicators to monitor the education targets of the SDGs.
  • Global Alliance to Monitor Learning (GAML)
    The Alliance supports national strategies for learning assessments and develops internationally-comparable indicators and methodological tools to measure progress towards key SDG 4 targets.
  • Inter-Agency Group on Education Inequality Indicators (IAG-EII)
    Created by the UIS, UNICEF and the World Bank, the group promotes and coordinates the use of household survey data to monitor education at national, regional and global levels.