Expenditure by level of education as % of total government expenditure on education


Expenditure on education by level of education, expressed as a percentage of total general government expenditure on education.

Data source

Both items used for this indicator come from data received by country governments responding to UIS's annual survey on formal education. The data used to fill the questionnaire on education expenditure may come from annual financial reports by the Ministry of Finance and/or the Ministry of Education, and/or national accounts reports by the National Statistical Office.

Calculation method

Divide government expenditure on a given level of education (ex. primary, secondary) by total government expenditure on education (all levels combined), and multiply by 100.


A high percentage of government expenditure on education spent on a given level denotes a high priority given to that level compared to others. When interpreting this indicator, one should take into account enrolment at that level, and the relative costs per student between different levels of education.


In some instances, country budgets and expenditure reports will not provide finance data dissagregated by level of education, therefore requiring the respondent to the UIS questionnaire to estimate the share of spending going each level. In particular, it is often difficult to separate lower from upper secondary education expenditure, or pre-primary from primary.


To show the relative share of expenditure for a specific education level within overall government expenditure on education.

Types of disaggregation

By level of education.