Life skills


Expression used in one of the following ways, sometimes combining some of the categories: 1- often used to capture skills such as problem-solving, working in teams, networking, communicating, negotiating, etc. Their generic nature - their importance throughout life, in varying contexts - is held in common with literacy skills… These generic skills are seldom, if ever, acquired in isolation from other skills; 2- …also used to refer to skills needed in daily life that are strongly connected to a certain context. Examples are livelihood skills, health skills, skills related to gender and family life, and environmental skills. These can be termed 'contextual skills', while accepting that skills are in practice never purely contextual or purely generic…; 3- also used in the school context…to refer to any subject matter other than language or mathematics…; 4 there are other miscellaneous skills being referred to as life skills, such as cooking, making friends and crossing the street.