Highlights data quality and challenges among existing education data sources, and proposes recommendations for improving the quality of reporting.
With the Eurozone in turmoil and sluggish economic growth in the US and elsewhere, investors may well see sub-Saharan Africa – still one of the fastest growing regional economies on earth – as the...
We have known for years that there are far too many primary-age children out of school: the stagnating numbers have been there for all to see. Far less has been known about the numbers of secondary-...
Out-of-school children and youth infographic
Présente un ensemble d'indicateurs couvrant les enfants, les adolescents et jeunes en âge de fréquenter les classes du primaire au second cycle du secondaire qui ne sont pas scolarisés. 
Selon les nouvelles données de l’Institut de statistique de l’UNESCO, environ 263 millions d’enfants et de jeunes ne sont pas scolarisés, ce qui correspond à près d’un quart de la population...
Presents a set of indicators covering children, adolescents and youth of primary to upper secondary age who are out of school.